Kitchen Storage Ideas for Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchen storage ideas will give you more space to put something. In the kitchen, storage is really important. Therefore, it should be determine to fill the room. Building the storage space in the kitchen is really perfect because it will be useful to store the kitchen appliances and even food materials. There are some smart ideas that will help you to provide storage in the kitchen and gives beautiful decoration.

1. Drawers under Kitchen Island. It is first smart small kitchen storages ideas that give storage without placing new furniture. You can build a small kitchen island with drawers under it. Wooden drawers are the best one because it can build by yourself. If you want something modern, you can combine with stainless steel as the drawers. The combination between wood and stainless steel create modern look of your kitchen.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

2. Hanging kitchen cabinets. In modern kitchen, there is always kitchen cabinet. But to maximize the size of the room, using hanging kitchen cabinets are the best one. It can be kitchen cabinet storage ideas that give you extra storage space without spending more space. Hang the cabinet on the top of kitchen area that can be used to put kitchen appliances so that you will be easy to reach them in your cooking activities.

3. Wall storage space. In minimalist kitchen, there is usually no more space to put extra storage furniture. Therefore, building the wall storage is one of perfect storage ideas for small kitchen. In this case, you can make the big holes on the wall and build the storage there. You can use wooden boards as shelves. Attach them in the holes by using screws. To make the kitchen looks neat and tidy, you can build doors to cover the wall storage area.

4. Sliding storage under the sink. There is a small space under sink area that you can use as storage space. In this case, you can build the sliding drawers there. You can build the big one in the bottom and small one on the top. It is done to maximize the space as the storage. You can use this storage to put your washing appliances, such as vinegar, cleaners, baking soda and others.

Creating smart storage space in the kitchen is important to give extra places to put something. In the kitchen, you can build the storage in any space. DIY kitchen storage can be the best solution for your small kitchen. It is because the DIY project can be built based on the size of the kitchen space. If it is needed, you can use multifunction furniture that can be used to be storage too. Make sure you build the kitchen storage in perfect look to add beautiful decoration in your kitchen.