How to Refinish a Dresser With Our Awesome Tips

How to refinish a dresser is one of many questions that are often asked by people. Most of them did not know or may be confuse how to renew their dresser. Therefore, they try to find out it to make their dresser look new. Based on the question above, we will give you some information about how to make your dresser in good look, and after refinish, nobody will not know that the dresser is your old furniture. There are some steps that you can do to get beautiful dresser. There are:

1. Sanding. The old dresser may look worse or even broken. Therefore, the first thing that you have to do is sanding the surface. The purpose of this step is to break up the paint, varnish, and for Dresser as Changing Table perhaps there is a stain, wax, shellac or something else. In this case, you have to choose the right method so that the sanding process will be done correctly. To remove the paint, you can use sandpaper or even a power sander to make the work quicker. Make sure the whole surface have been sanded before do the next step.

How to Refinish a Dresser

2. Repairing. Some old dresser even broken or there is thing that lost from it. Therefore, to get perfect looks, it should be repaired first. You can remove all the drawers that repair any part that is broken. If there is a part that should be changed, please change with the new one. it is done to get perfect refinish of your dresser. You can do this step in your garage or your backyard so that you get large space to put the drawers.

3. Finishing. In this step, you have to decide how will refinish your old dresser. It fun activities because you can choose any new paintwork you want. You can look at Costco Dresser as your reference. It can be good reference that can make your dresser looks awesome. There are some suggestions to work with your dresser, like spray painting, make some patterns, create the new design, or even combining the color.

All steps will give you the new dresser look and can be used as your home decoration. After you do all those step, you can give the smooth touch to your dresser by using varnish or clear paint. Those are the ways to refinish your old dresser in new look. Make sure you do the steps correctly. It is because every step will influence the result. When it is done, I am sure your will be like Dressers at Walmart.