How to Install Cabinets

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Always keep the neatness of your kitchen. You can use cabinets to achieve your aim. Store your kitchen tools there. Install the cabinets by yourself. You don’t need to ask carpenter’s help. What you need to do is how to install cabinets. Learn the steps and do them.

Here are some ways how to install cabinets. Start by planning what cabinets you want to install there and measuring the cabinets and space where your cabinets will be installed. Obtain all your materials and supplies for your project. You also need to paint the room before installation. Next is hanging upper cabinets. Assemble the cabinets, but don’t put the doors yet.

Make sure that the cabinets are assembled as securely, squarely and evenly as you can. Then start on one end or in a corner and install the upper cabinets. Calculate the distance from the edge of a wall cabinet to the studs behind it. Mark these spots on the back of the cabinet, and drill pilot holes from the back of the cabinet.

Be sure to allow for the “ears” on the front of the cabinet. When you place the cabinet to the wall, you’ll know where the stud is. Secure cabinets to each other as well as the wall. Drill pilot holes in the cabinet frame and screw together with good wood screws. Once the upper cabinets have been completed, you can install the lower cabinets.

Mark the locations of your studs for the lower cabinets, then bring in the cabinets and set them into place. The next step is levelling the top of the cabinets by shimming under and behind them. It is continued by screwing the lower cabinets to the wall.

You can often screw right through the shims. It has finished. You can work with its complementary. Install the countertops and sinks on the lower cabinets. Get the best of them, so you will have a perfect cabinet. By knowing how to install cabinets, you can do it yourself, right?

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