Elegant Modern Furniture for Small Bathroom by Novello

Hello. Welcome to the other kind of modern furniture for small bathroom which is also interesting to be your source in designing your bathroom, especially in this case the small one. Okay, do you know Italian company Novello? Well, this company with its Happy Collection presents that furniture for a small bathroom can be very amazing. Why it can be like that? Yea, this collection combines the refinement of ceramic washbasins and the capacity of traditional bathroom furniture.

Then, for washbasin cabinet, it has asymmetric and unique shapes which are complemented with washbasins top. It is made of different materials, for example crystal, stainless steel and also corian. Besides, in this collection there are many kinds of wall cabinets and shelves and beautiful small shelves which are perfectly balanced with the washbasin.

Modern Furniture for Small Bathroom

Furthermore, the mirrors are available in various shapes like circle and also rectangle. The rectangle one has beautiful style which uses light brown frame in the four sides of the mirror. On the other hand, those mirrors can be provided with LED lights which are able to be put along the simple frame.

In relation to this kind of bathroom, the furniture in this room of course gets bright and elegant color. That is why, the most attractive furniture of this modern small bathroom is the violet bathroom set, such as the washbasin. Then, there is also a charming soft carpet which combines two colors, they are violet and grey. The combination creates a gorgeous look for this furniture so that of course everyone who looks it will be interested.

Talking about the violet color, it shows the curved furniture line which makes the atmosphere more attractive and impressive. Then, although the bathroom is classified into the small one, it still has great look and well designed for the furniture set. So, don’t be ashamed to have this kind of bathroom in your house. Just design it creatively.