Cool Curtain Ideas for Each Room in Your House

Curtain ideas give you beautiful decoration in your home. Curtain is used to cover the windows in the home and even for shower room. Using this kind of fabric make the decoration looks perfect. It is because the fabric gives smooth impression to the decoration and create comfortable eye catching. Decorating the home with fabric means you apply a cute decoration. It is because the curtain adds beautiful touch to the room. There are some ideas to choose the appropriate curtain to give awesome decoration in your home.

1. Kitchen curtain ideas. The kitchen has windows as air circulation and entering the sunlight. It is good ideas to cover and decorate the windows using curtains. For kitchen, it is better to use the curtain that match with the color of the furniture. Matching color create beautiful look of the kitchen. As modern look, you have to determine the course their size and color. In this case, you can use the curtain in half from the size of windows. It is good design to show the detail of kitchen decoration.

Curtain Ideas

2. Living room curtain ideas. Living room is heart of the house; therefore, it should be decorated in beautiful and elegant. To get awesome look of the living room, you can use curtain to give more attractive decorations there. For living room, double panels are great to create classic style, while single panels are appropriate for small spaces. If you want to create romantic and traditional look, you can use panels with a valence, but if you want formal decoration, you can use panels with a pelmet.

3. Bedroom curtain ideas. Curtain in the bedroom gives the beautiful accent that makes the room looks comfortable. In master bedroom, using curtain with gold trim decoration is perfect. It adds some luxurious touches to the master bedroom. In teens’ room, you can apply bold color of the curtain – pink and white for girls, while blue and green for boys. Curtain with pattern is also perfect to give elegant impression of the bedroom.

4. Shower curtain ideas. In this kind of room, curtain is used as divider between shower area and other – It is usually made of plastic. But nowadays, there is smart and cute shower curtain that will give you beautiful decoration in your bathroom and make the room looks larger. The curtain with beautiful flower pattern gives cute look for the shower area. It is fashionable and makes the room interesting.

Curtain as decoration gives additional decoration in your home. It can be applied in any room in your house to beautify the windows. Matching color of the curtain will support the room decoration and give smooth touch to the room accent. Using appropriate type of the curtain can add the luxurious impression to the room itself. It gives incredible look with comfortable fabric. In teens’ room, the fabric should be chosen based on gender to show the owners personality.