25 Cool Smart Storage Design Ideas

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Do you have a small bedroom? Does it make you confused where you will store your goods? Don’t worry! Be smart and creative. Small doesn’t mean lack of ideas. You can keep your things in the right storage without make your room full. And of course it will not break the beauty of your room. Try to apply smart storage in your small bedroom. It will help you much.

If you have a small bedroom, you surely need more space including storage. You can get that by organizing a smart storage. How can you do that? First, you can take advantage of space under your bed. It hides a lot of possibilities to store your things. There are many styles of storage for the space there. One of them is a bed with drawers under it. It is very helpful.

Keep the beauty of your bed by painting the drawers with same color as the couch. Or it is better that they are neutral or colorful to highlight the bed design. Second, you can use the space under your bed as storage but by bringing some cool woven baskets. Place your things in the baskets and put them under the bed.

What else? Another of your bed that can be used as storage is a headboard. You can make some shelves behind the headboard. Place your book collection there. If they are too small for your books, you can use the wall. Make opening wall floating shelves. Try to make them as interesting as possible. It will not only for your books, but it also loosen the boring wall.

On the other side where you are studying or doing your work, your study desk can be completed with wall shelves over it and drawers under it. You can use the shelves for your lesson books and the drawers for keeping your stationary. You will never have a messy study desk.

Don’t make the size of your room as the reason why your room is messy. Think smart. Smart storage will solve the problems of your messy room. You will have a neat room. You will also enjoy staying there.

7999+ images about Smart Storage Decor Ideas

7777+ images about Smart Storage Decor Ideas

8666+ ideas about Smart Storage Decor Ideas

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