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The pleasure can be set on your own room by yourself. Spend your time with all can make you happy and feel relax. DIY ottoman can be a good idea to make it true. It can be your favourite piece of furniture. Surely you will love it as they are so versatile and can be used for more than resting your feet.

You can also modify your own design ottoman just by placing a tray on its top. When your feel bored on its placement, just put wheels on the bottom and it can be easily be moved around the room when extra seating is needed. It doesn’t take much visual space and best of all it looks good in any room.

Let’s get the move by starting to prepare all you need. To make DIY ottoman needs boards, lumber or such a pine board best. It is better to cut boards into two pieces bigger pieces and two smaller.

We also need one decorator round wood table top, wood screws, corner brackets or angle irons, high quality foam, screwdriver and wheels. Prepare them well and spend your time to start now. Firstly, use 1 inch screws to attach the boards. It should be united into a table shape with a decorator round wood table on top. Then, add metal corner braces or angle irons to each inside corner with 1/2 inch screws, set your wheels then.

Place table round in base and centre, using 1 inch screws, attach to top of base. Lay the foam in the floor and place the base upside down, then trace the outline and then cut using knife. When it is done, glue the foam on the decorator round wood table top. It is used to make it comfort to seat.
Let’s perfect your creation by adding the surface of each side with your creative imagination.

Before giving touch your down sides, cover your top by best fabric with theme your consider suite with your living room. You should pay more attention with its round in choosing colour. You may decide to decorate the down sides by two. First, cover all by the fabric with theme that same with the top side or keep the wood view still appears. It depends on how we want to lead theme of the living room with DIY ottoman.

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