20 Excellent Wall Decor Ideas

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Your room is monotonous? There is no interesting thing over there? So, you need ideas to make it different. The interesting rooms can be done through wall décor ideas. From the wall, your room could be more excellent. Thing on the wall can talk.

First you can do is by using wall floating shelves. Choose dark color shelves for white or neutral wall. It will make the shelves as the points in the room. Install it in irregular form. Lay down some accessories there. And add some paintings and a mirror. To make it awesome you may hang a white pendant lamp near it. If you are creative you can create your own wall décor ideas through your imagination.

You can take advantages from small boxes. Color them with brown, black and white. Patch them on the wall and pair with glass accessories or silver trinkets. If it is less than your need, you may combine it with wall shelves. Try to choose colors which well-suited with other things there. Then, in your bedroom, if you have many photographs, you may show them on the wall. Place them on the frame and hang them on the wall. Arrange them in the form of unique, such in the form of letter A, love or heart, U, or another shape. Flank the pictures of you with wall lamps. They can light your room and also add more beauty to your wall.

You like art? And you are good on painting? So, you can use your ability as the wall décor ideas in your room. You are able to have a comic wall there. You just need wall painting equipments and you can start create a comic story. You can do it on the weekend after school or working. For your who wants that but you cannot paint, don’t worry you may ask somebody to help you. Tell what story you want and what comic characters you like. You will have an unique wall décor so.

4222+ images about Wall Decor Ideas Design Ideas

7777+ images about Wall Decor Ideas Design Ideas

3222+ images about Wall Decor Ideas Design Ideas

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