20 Amazing Feng Shui House Designs

Everyone will be very careful when building a house. Most of them believe that the position of your house will determine the luck in your life. The time when the construction of the house is started had to be considered. Besides, not a few people who choose to build a house according to their birth date or apply the elements in Feng Shui to their homes. That Feng Shui house can be your choice. You can build a house Feng Shui combined with your own creative ideas.

First, before building a Feng Shui house, you need to decide the direction where your house faces. For example, eastward about health and the family, then it’s on careers north, the south was about health and directions are others who also have their respective meanings. You can adjust it with your luck.

Besides, the color selection and elements there also have meanings. Some of them are red and fire that means fame reputation, purple and wind is meant as wealth prosperity, green and wood is for family, and other colors with their own meanings. Then, now you can start design how your Feng Shui house will be. You can begin to apply cream as the color background of your house. It uses the earth element that hope you will be lucky in health.

The earth element will be more interesting with metal element. It can be applied to the door frames and also windows sills. White on window and door bring an elegant feel to your house. As the floor, it’s better for you to use light brown flooring. It’s warm. After that, you can choose the furniture you want to use. You may use cream or other neutral furniture. Combine with a green rug. To burn your spirit up, placing red accessories is a great way.

Any accessories can be put in your house. Yet, don’t forget to adjust with the function of the room. Arrange everything in your house well. Now is time for you to decide what elements and color you want to apply to your Feng Shui house. Get the best house to stay.

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