15 Extraordinary Boy Nursery Ideas for Your Baby

Boy nursery ideas bring cute decoration in bursary room. They are great to make the room fun and charming. Decorating the nursery room should make the baby feels comfortable and happy. Giving some cute decorations in nursery room are needed. They create beautiful and comfort ambience. If you have a baby boy and want to make his room beautiful, we have some perfect ideas to create incredible decoration there.

1. Choosing color. Baby nursery should be decorated in masculine color. It is done to create masculine personality of the baby boy. In this case, you can use neutral color, such as white, as the main color of the room. White is perfect color as baby boy nursery ideas. It gives bright ambience to the room to make the room fun. You can also combine with blue to add fresh impression of the nursery decoration.

Boy Nursery Ideas

2. Bedding. The nursery will be perfect with crib. It is the special bedding for baby. Wooden crib is one of the beautiful nursery interior that can add safety bedding. Toy can apply the crib with hanging toys to make sure your baby fun and happy. Add some beautiful accent on the crib by using theme. Baseball and basketball theme are good nursery ideas for boy to be applied on the crib. Support it with smooth mattress to get comfortable sleeping.

3. Storage space. Determine the storage space in this kind of room will help you to organize the baby appliances. Using dresser as storage furniture provide extra space for baby’s things. It can be used to place the baby’s clothes and toys. Small bookshelf is another storage idea to fill the nursery decoration. This interior can be used to put the story book collections so the room neat and clean.

4. Playing ground. Boy nursery room will be awesome with playground area. The room looks fun with colorful playground by applying rubber mattresses. Apply the rubber mattress with many kinds or animals, vehicles, fruits or even interesting places of the world as education. Put the small table as the playing area in the middle of the floor. To bring adventure decoration in boy nursery, you can apply small tent in the corner.

Creating beautiful decoration in boy nursery will make the room fun and relaxes. It can be decorated in stylist look to give modern ambience. Make sure you apply safety decoration to avoid any accident for your baby. Adding appropriate lighting can help to provide comfortable light to the room. all of the aspect above also can be done as girls nursery ideas by giving feminine decorations.