10 Wonderful Gray Bedroom Designs

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Are tired of working? Getting rest when you’ve arrived at home is what you like to do. Just do that happily in your own room. Yet, designing a bedroom to be cozy and interesting is what you have to do. It is to make you are able to rest comfortably. Besides, it will also make your friends who visits your bedroom fascinated with your cool room. It’s not hard to make your bedroom wonderful.

If you don’t like to play with many colors in your bedroom, you can use gray as the dominant color there. Design it as wonderful as possible. As the result, you will get a wonderful gray bedroom to stay.

You can also work with your own imagination to create a wonderful gray bedroom. Yet, first of all, let’s begin to choose the best floor. To be combined with grey, you can apply a bit bright color. You may use purple or orange as the combination. It will lose the monotonous nuance of gray.

Paint the wall with gray. You may also color the ceiling with white. Choose the light gray. Don’t apply the dark one. It will make your bedroom dark. Take a side of wall behind your headboard to be painted with gray. It’s darker than the other wall and ceiling. Make it more interesting and stylish with wall décor.

You can use paintings or photo frames. Hang a large painting. Frank it with white wall lamps. It can be cooler with the use of white couch. Pair with purple bed and purple pillows. To make your bed more stunning, white pillows are welcome. Two chest dressers on the both sides of the bed can be alternative to store your document or trinkets.

If you like to read novels before sleeping, a white puff can be your choice. You may also add a white or purple longue chair. Last, you can spread a white purple rug on the dark grey wooden flooring. It will be cool. After you’ve already choose the best design of your bedroom, you can perfect it with your own decoration. Choose the best and get a wonderful gray bedroom.

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2222+ ideas about Gray Bedroom Design Ideas

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