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When you are asked the place you often spend your time with your family, surely you will say ‘It’s family room.’ Yeah, as the place your family and you gather, one thing that you should do is creating it as comfortable as possible. So, you will not only be happy being there, but your activity with your lovely family will be one thing you never want to miss it. There are many things that can be done to get your dream. One of them is through the flooring. By installing stained concrete floors, the dream of having a cosy and cool family room can be true. It will be yours.

Stained concrete floors will work well to your family room. Just see. The stained on the floor can make it more interesting. You can apply dark brown stained, black stained, or you can choose as you want. Adjust it with the theme of your family room. First, you can take a dark brown concrete floor for your modern theme. The stained on the floor which combined with brown stripes is really beautiful. Not only beautiful, by applying concrete floors, it will be easy to clean. You will not spend much time just for cleaning it. Besides, it will be durable. So, your budget can be saved. Well, now is the time for you to choose a great combination of it. A modern sense can be presented through the white.

You can use white as the background color of the room. You can begin form the wall, window sill, to the ceiling. But, it’s nothing wrong when you want to combine it with cream. It can lose the monotony of white. Don’t forget to build glass windows to get the modern more. Then, you can place a set of sofa with a glass table in the middle. Beautify the table by presenting a sun flower in the glass vase. To make your family cozy, you may spread a soft rug. You can chat by sitting there. Last, your family room can be cooler when you perfect the beautiful stained concrete floors with wall décor. Some painting or photo frames are enough.

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