10 Cool Kids Closet Ideas

Providing a closet for your children makes you easy to find clothes for them. It’s also taught them to be independent. Let them there to find their own clothes there. Arrange the clothes as their functions will help them to get the clothes they are going to wear easily. Besides, you may also separate them according to the colors. It makes you easy to combine the appropriate colors between your shirt and pants or skirt.

To make your Kids closet interesting, you need to get ideas in accordance with the children. They will like to change when they know that their favorite cartoon characters are on the wall. It’s also possible to ask your children what they want in their closet.

Let’s see the color selection that you can apply in your Kids closet. First, you can choose blue color as the color background. Combine with white ceiling. It can make the room more spacious. You can make the ceiling more interesting with shades of sky.

The ceiling closet with blue sky and white clouds make your child feel that they are under the sky, not in the room. Second, you can make wall decorations. If you are not good in painting, you can ask helps other people. Paint your children’s favorite cartoon character there. They will love it. You also can teach your children to love environment. Present a beautiful natural setting on the other side of the wall.

Choose wooden flooring as its combinations. Next, you can choose the best wardrobe and shelves. You can white opening wardrobes for your clothes. Hang your coats and fold your dress there. You may also place some of your clothes in the opening shelves. Don’t forget to provide your children glass shelves for their shoes and sandals. It’s also possible to please your kids to store their accessories in a part of glass shelves.

Make your children happier with presenting a unique shaped chair. You can also make your Kids closet cool by spreading white circle rugs. Your kids will like to take their own clothes than ask you to help them.

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